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NPP Ions Pharmacy 100mg / 10 amp. 1ml

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Short-chain ester of nandrolone with a half-life of 2-2.5 days

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Short-chain ester of nandrolone with a half-life of 2-2.5 days. It acts more rapidly by androgen receptors than nandrolone decanoate, making the whole range of benefits in muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and red blood cell production noticeable much faster. NPP doesn’t induce significant androgenic activity-related adverse effects such as hair loss, oily skin, or acne, and thanks to its short-acting manner, it’s also commonly chosen by females. Like Deca Durabolin, it can significantly alleviate joint and tendon pain and slightly improve their functions by enhancing collagen synthesis. Thanks to its fast-acting manner, it’s an excellent compound to increase your strength significantly in a short time.

Although NPP has a low conversion rate to estrogen, at high doses, it elevates prolactin levels. While deciding on this compound, you should have an anti-prolactin drug such as cabergoline prepared.

Regular doses oscillate at 50-125mg injected every second (e2d) or third day (e3d). Female dosages ranges from 20-40mg e3d. Dosage should not exceed 60mg weekly.

NPP must be used along with exogenous testosterone, and in respect of its half-life, it’s easiest to stack with propionate ester. It also pairs perfectly with injectable DHT derivatives, all oral steroids, HGH or MK-677, and SARMs.